krystal hamlett | founder & CEO

krystal is a johns hopkins university graduate with

over 10 years of experience in biotechnology and

pharmaceutical industries.

she has a successful product development history taking multiple

products through the product development lifecycle

from concept to launch. Her expertise in product

development LEAN, Six Sigma, GMP, and the

regulatory process provides the foundation and vision

Juice Joint needs to accelerate in all aspects of the

cannabis market.

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Matthew Lovett | Founder &



Matthew is a Lincoln University graduate with

expertise in communications. During his 10 years with

Tandem Music Group, working with Grammy award

winning artists, he has successfully grew the company

to a well-rounded successful entity; diverging in an

independent recording studio, real estate, community

development and professional audio equipment

products. As a seasoned sales, marketing, and business

development associate with expertise in directing

creative initiatives he leads

the Juice Joint sales and the operations team 

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